Tall Husbands who have Short Wives tend to be Happier


There are always scientific research released proclaiming to obtain some outstanding nugget of information. And though statistics are nice and can measure results, nothing is truly confirmed to be totally factual. Meaning, the study’s subjects provided the results. The outcome might not be the same if you participated in the research. Variables such as culture, nationality, contest, sex, employment, education can all influence a study’s results. Nevertheless, they are cool to read and analyze.

In 2017 a Research on 8, 000 Indonesian couples revealed a correlation involving the husband’s height and the wife’s perceived happiness. The analysis showed that the greater the height difference between husband and wife, the happier the wife will be. This seemed to be the truth up to 18 years of marital life and then anything next there was a clear, significant fall off.

The review showed that height and the wife’s happiness acquired a correlation but it may not be strictly credited to inches.

Other adding factors such as income, self-esteem or confidence all played a key role in happiness.

The analysis showed that taller people might have greater generating potential thus causing more comfortable spouses. The study declared taller men may show up more dependable and in a position and so are considered first for promotions and pay raises.


However the study also found that ‘the husband’s resourcefulness’ was only a ‘minor factor’ in the impact of height difference in the happiness with their wives.


Secondly, the analysis showed that taller men may be perceived as more attractive than shorter men and therefore experience greater life satisfaction.

taller men1

This kind of increase in confidence and self-esteem may make it seem to be like taller men are more attractive.


Furthermore, in terms of Science and biology, women may be more predisposed to like taller and bigger men since bigger men designed for better hunter gatherers during prehistoric times.

In conclusion, the study showed that women who have taller husband and wife may feel happier simply because they perceive their associates to be more ‘attractive, resourceful or happy. ‘

Nevertheless the study insists that height shouldn’t be a deal breaker in human relationships. A study in 2010 found that women do not feel more fascinated to a taller man who expressed romantic involvement in them.

So despite any height, income, or ingenuity factor, having a reliable relationship is more structured on chemistry and accord than other external, considerable factors.

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