can dogs eat watermelon?

Yes. A watermelon is similar to a giant health-bomb! It is low in carbs and packed with nourishment, such as potassium, beta-carotene, and magnesium.

Dogs may eat watermelon, however once you feed your puppy this yummy fruit, there are a few things that you ought to know. Watermelon has lots of vitamins and minerals which are helpful for your dog’s health, and they are made of 92% water, so that they may be particularly refreshing on a hot day. But too much of a great thing may be a terrible thing, as well as the rinds and seeds of watermelons can create significant health issues. It’s crucial that you learn how to serve watermelon to your dog so that they do not become ill. Here’s exactly what you ought to know about feeding dogs.

  • As stated by the National Watermelon Promotion Board, the fruit has just about 50 calories per cup and 92% water, so it is excellent for hydration on a hot day. Additionally, it has no cholesterol or fat, so it is pretty much guilt-free.
  • Ever see that a few watermelons have inner cracks in the flesh? It is a condition called Hollow Heart and is brought on by changes in temperature during the growing season. Hollow Heart melons are safe to consume, and they’re really sweeter in areas, since sugars tend to focus along the fractures.
  • From planting to harvest, it requires a watermelon three weeks to grow.
  • Seedless melons were created 50 decades back. However, you may observe white seed coatings, in which the seed didn’t adult.
  • It stems in the botanical family Cucurbitaceae and can be associated with cucumbers, pumpkins, and squash.
  • You are able to carve watermelon rinds in precisely the exact same fashion as pumpkins. There are lots of designs , from birds and dinosaurs to Spiderman, and layouts are limited only by your creativity.


When Watermelon is not Good for Your dog

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Watermelon is not supposed to compose a huge portion of a dog’s diet plan. Dogs that consume a lot of watermelon will likely receive a tummy ache alongside some diarrhea or other signs of gastrointestinal upset. Many dogs get an upset stomach when they attempt a new food they aren’t utilized to. It’s ideal to present your dog watermelon in moderation, particularly if they have not eaten it and see how they respond. You may ask your vet or breeder regarding the proper amount for your individual dog.

A couple of seeds may not make a great deal of gap, but a lot of seeds may wind up causing a blockage in the digestive tract. Some big dogs could have the ability to maneuver the seeds without difficulties, but smaller puppies are particularly at risk to get a congestion.

Before you nourish your pet puppy watermelon or some other individual food, then you need to ask your vet or nutritionist about how much you need to feed your pet, if any, and how frequently. Many puppies have different dietary needs, plus a few have medical conditions that may make watermelon a lousy option.

When & How Should You Feed The Dog Watermelon?

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As soon as you’ve the okay from the vet , ensure that you remove any seeds or rind in the watermelon before committing it to your pet. Cutting them into little, chewable cubes is the easiest approach to prepare watermelon for dogs also makes for a pleasant, simple deal with. It is also possible to freeze watermelon to produce an additional refreshing summertime treat, but ensure that your pet’s teeth are healthy enough to chew over frozen meals without being ruined. If you are feeling extra creative, then you are able to combine watermelon with other secure and healthful ingredients such as blueberries to create a fruit smoothie or salad to your furry friend. Follow any security tips your vet provides you for feeding on your pet safely.

Other fruits and veggies, such as carrots and apples, can be a healthy treat for dogs. 

Have you ever fed your dog watermelon? Do you have any recipes for melon dog treats? Contact us in the comments below!



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