Barack Obama Day: Illinois will Celebrate a Commemorative Holiday every August 4

Illinois government offices stayed open Saturday as the residence nation of former President Barack Obama commemorated his birthday under a new state legislation.

The bill marking declared Aug. 4 “Barack Obama Day” throughout the country was enacted without creating the date a full length vacation.

The Illinois House narrowly rejected a strategy to make Obama’s birthday a state holiday amid concerns the cash-strapped state couldn’t afford to provide nation state workers the following paid day off.

The legislation abiding Obama’s attempts to safeguard the rights of Americans and build”bridges .”

Obama turned 57.

“It is unbelievably proud for Illinois the president arrived from Illinois. I believe it’s amazing, and I believe we ought to celebrate it,” Gov. Bruce Rauner stated in signing the measure into law, based on TheHill. “I really don’t think that it ought to be an official vacation with compensated, forced off time, but I believe that it ought to be a day of celebration and acknowledgment.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff, wanted Obama a happy birthday Twitter, stating”57 never seemed so great,” according to this book.

Former first lady Michelle Obama also wanted her husband a happy birthday Twitter, stating,”The opinion is better for you personally.”

Illinois, California and Wisconsin celebrate Ronald Reagan Day each Feb. 6 in honor of the Republican president’s birthday, USA Today reported.

An Obama spokeswoman said Obama intends to celebrate his birthday with a family dinner at Washington on Saturday night, according to the newspaper.

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