14 Very, Very, VERY Goob Dog Posts From This Week

1. This doggo scammed the H*CK out of his hooman:

2. This yellow lab got OVER πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ MILLION πŸ‘ LIKES πŸ‘ for asking his dad for ear drops!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. Just…just THIS:

5. Roger here messed all of us up with his cute-ass binky!!!!!!!!

6. Someone posted this ol’ boye in a dog-spotting group and I SCREAMED:

Sierra Cheathamβ€Ž / Via facebook.com

7. Happy pupper did a ZOOOOOOOOOOM GREETING:

8. Wrinkly puppy met grass puppies:

9. Ozzie proved that sharing is indeed caring:

10. Smol therapy corg prepared for takeoff!!!!!!!!!

Facebook: video.php

11. Floofy Wisconsin boye became floofy Wisconsin LEGEND:

12. This European angel bb pondered the hustle and bustle:

Nadia Barmadaβ€Ž / Via facebook.com

Nadia Barmadaβ€Ž / Via facebook.com

13. Gideon of I’ve Pet That Dog pet this dog!!!!!!!

14. And lastly, while no puppers are pictured here, a bunch of people volunteered to foster shelter dogs so they could evacuate before Hurricane Florence!!! Both the doggos and these hoomans are very, very goob.

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