50% potassium isooctanoate solution
Chemical ingredients and application: 50% Potassium isooctanoate solution, standard PIR catalyst
Trademark: DABCOK-15
CAS NO.: 35194-75-3
Uses: This product is fit for formulations of high viscosity polyol. Because of its high activity, it is used for spray coating, available to be used for PIR foam of resisting high temperature, and PU foam products.
Packing: In plastic pail, net weight: 200kg, So not expose to the light, store it in the shady, cool, desiccant and ventilated place. All have 5KG, 10KG, 25KG packaging
Technical index:

Appearance: colorless to yellowish viscous clear liquid 
Specific gravity(d425):1.124-1.185 


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