Chemical ingredients and application: 70% Strong foaming catalyst and can improve fluidity of foam
Trademark: PMDETA,PC-5
Structural formula:
Uses: LCA-1 is a kind of high effect catalyst of polyurethane (PUR) flexible foam. It is mostly used in formulations of flexible foam products. It can also be used as supplementary catalyst of rigid foam to improve flow effect of casting foam for refrigerator with large capacity. The catalytic activity of this product is high, the foaming speed is rapid, and it has high tenacity and high carrying capacity. Adding 0.1 to 0.5 part of the catalyst to one hundred parts of polyether, the better effect can be gained. It smells weaker and can be widely used.
Packing: Deposit it in galvanized iron pail(net weight 170kg), or in small plastic pall(net weight 25kg). if it is only a little amount. This product should be kept sealing up, water and carbon dixide in the atmosphere can be absorbed, if the product is exposed to the atmosphere. Store it in shady, cool, desiccant and ventilated warehouse. Forbid storing it with acid and oxidant oxidant together. All have 5KG, 10KG, 25KG packaging
Technical index:

Appearance: colorless to yellowwish liquid 
Specific gravity(d420):0.9132-0.9442 
Refractive index(nD20):1.4430-1.4450


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