Chemical ingredients and application: Standard catalyst of hard foam
Trademark: DMCHA,PC-8
Chemical name: N,N-Dimethylcyclohexanamine(DMCHA)
CAS NO.: 98-94-2
EINECS: 202-715-5
Molecular weight: 127.23
Structural formula:
Uses: This product is a special catalyst for rigid foam, especially fit for making up bicomponent system, don't needs to add organic tin in compounding materials, its activity is moderate, its performance is stable, its adjustability is large, and it can be kept over a long period of time. If the appropriate amout of LCA-1 or LCA-3 is added in compounding materials producing large capacity refrigerator, the flow ability of the foaming can be improved. Its dosage commonly used for rigid foam is as about 3% as that of polyether, other supplementary catalysts can also be added according to the products requirement. This product smells of ammonia and bitterness, it can irritate skin, has some toxic, so the protect articles must be worn during the manufacture.
Packing: All have 5KG, 10KG, 25KG packaging
Technical index:

This product is a kind of moderate active tertiary amine catalyst which BASF Company, ICI Company etc.all produce. It is a kind of catalyst widely used for rigid foam in the world. 
Appearance: colorless to yellowish clear liquid 
Specific gravity(d420):0.8492-0.8582 
Refractive index(nD20):1.4541-1.4550


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